Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My First Mens Underwear Party

My First Mens Underwear Party

So I was recently invited over to a friend’s house for a mens underwear party. Now I had no idea what to expect with this type of party, but you could imagine where my mind was heading. My first thought was all about how there would be hundreds of men walking around in their underwear with drinks in their hands talking about the day’s events or latest sports scores. Then, there was the thought that it was going to be some kind of party held in a lingerie store, but I didn’t really think that would be happening.

The friend that invited me to this party said that I would have a lot of fun, but he wouldn’t explain much about it. For a week before this party, I was trying to figure out what he meant by an underwear party, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. After spending so much time thinking about it, I simply decided to just go along for the fun and see what happens. Of course what happened wasn’t something that I was expecting, but the fun part was all there. On the other hand, there were a few things I had to get used to.

Once we arrived at the place where this mens underwear party was supposed to be held, my friend asked me if I had brought any money with me. I thought that was a strange question to ask, but I pulled out my wallet and saw that I had a good chunk of cash with me. I looked at him for a second as he smiled, winked at me, and waved me on to the party. We walked up to the house and I realized that there were quite a few men at this party.

Now it kind of made sense to me that there would be men there, but I was thinking that there would be some women there as well. Of course, there weren’t a bunch of guys walking around in their underwear, either. For all intents and purposes, it seemed like any other party that I would have been to in my life. We walked in and grabbed a drink and my friend started introducing me to a lot of guys that were there. The music was playing in the background and I was having a pretty good time when it was announced that everyone meet out back by the pool.

My friend and I followed everyone else out to the pool and noticed that it was set up much like a modeling runway. We grabbed a couple seats next to the runway area and I turned to ask him what was going on. That is when the loudspeakers kicked in and the gentleman with the microphone finally informed everyone what this mens underwear party was all about. It turns out that the guy that was actually throwing the party was an underwear designer and he wanted to show off some of his latest designs.

Of course the thought of watching a bunch of male models showing off a bunch of really sexy underwear was thrilling to me. That wasn’t what was going to be happening, though. The models that were going to be showing off the underwear were all of us at the party. The good news is that we got to keep the item that we modeled, but having a bunch of men staring at me in my underwear kind of got me nervous. I'm not in the best of shape these days, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would be happy to see me walking around like that.

But it was my first mens underwear party, and as I started looking around at the other guys there, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t in the best shape physically. The guy with the microphone got up on the runway holding a bowl filled with pieces of paper. He told everyone that they needed to come up and reach in the bowl to get a piece of paper. On that paper would be a number which stated the order in which they would be modeling their underwear.

By the time I got up to the runway, most of the pieces of paper had already been chosen. I was really hoping that it would mean that I would come in close to last in this order thing. When I reached in and pulled out the number 4 I was pretty shocked. Then I was told to meet in a room in the house to find the underwear that I was going to be modeling so that I could get ready. Apparently this stuff was going to be happening fairly quickly and I had to get ready pretty fast.

I walked into the room and saw the underwear that was on display and realized that this mens underwear party was going to be very interesting when they found out that I hadn’t shaved for a few weeks. In fact, I had gotten fairly lazy with keeping my body hair under control and looked as if I was wearing an ape costume at times. I told the two guys that were helping out with the underwear that I would need something that would cover everything up. They laughed and told me to go into the bathroom. There was another guy in there with razors and a waxing kit at the ready.

Now, I don’t normally have someone else helping me shave my body hair for any reason, but this was kind of kinky. Since I tend to like kinky things, I didn’t see anything wrong with this at all. I took my clothes off and let the poor guy see what he was going to have to deal with. He said that it wasn’t all that bad as he could use some hair remover on most of my body, but there were some places that were going to be handled a bit more carefully.

If I would have known what kind of mens underwear party this was going to be, then I probably would have taken the time to look my best. But here I was in a bathroom in a designer’s house getting my body hair removed. The guy removing it said that he needed to work on the sensitive part and that would require me to be perfectly still for a few minutes. He also told me I needed to make sure that my cock was hard to make things easier to shave smoothly. Then, he got on his knees and slid my cock into his mouth.

I must say that if I could suck my own cock in order to get a smoother shave, I certainly would. That was the best possible shave I could have ever received, and the blow job wasn’t all that bad, either. Once I was nice and smooth, I pulled on my underwear, or at least they were called underwear. I got in line to walk down the runway and couldn’t believe how much fun I was having. The thought of all these guys staring at me in this designer underwear after just having my cock sucked in the bathroom was unbelievable.

My fun at this mens underwear party was just beginning, though. Once I got out on the runway and started showing off my body, I could hear multiple men whistling and clapping for me. Ordinarily, I would have been highly embarrassed in a situation like this, but for some reason it was exciting to be getting that much attention. Then it happened. My cock got rock hard and everyone there saw it. There was a moment of silence as I stood there with my cock standing up at attention and then there was screaming and shouting and guys rushing the stage just to get a better look.

That party ended up being one huge gay man’s orgy after all the underwear was seen. In fact, I was only wearing my underwear for about fifteen minutes until I was pushed into a corner and had them pulled off. Every room you went into there were guys in various positions of sexual bliss, and I just kept going from one room to the next looking for anything interesting that I haven’t tried before. It was one of those nights that I couldn’t ever have dreamt of happening.

I have been invited to a couple more of these mens underwear party orgy things since then. In fact, the designer has specifically asked for me to come to all of his parties because I got so much attention from that first one. He even told me that he sold more of the designs that I wore that night than any other design he had shown. Every time I wear that underwear design I end up having the best night that usually starts out with a sloppy blow job and moves on to the bedroom shortly after that. If you are going to wear underwear that will get people’s attention, then the designer stuff is definitely the way you should go.

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