Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hosting Your First Mens Underwear Party

I hosted my very first mens underwear party over the weekend and, even if I do say so myself; it was a huge success. These types of parties were introduced to me about six months ago and I finally got the nerve to host one myself. After all, I have the perfect place for it. I own a rather large house on several acres of land so privacy isn’t an issue. In addition, I have a lovely swimming pool that is ideal for parties of all kinds. So after attending several of these parties, I decided that I was ready to throw one of my own.
The weather was wonderful for a mens underwear party. I even hired a caterer and a bartender for the night. Everyone arrived right on time and had stripped down to their special underwear within minutes. It was pretty clear that these undergarments had been purchased especially to wear to my party. I had sent a note with each invitation that said there would a Best Underwear contest at some point during the evening. The winner would receive a very special prize. That seemed to have garnered quite a bit of excitement and everyone who had been invited actually showed up for the party.

When it came time to judge for the Best Underwear contest, I had to shake my head at some of the rather erotic and unusual garments that were being paraded around the swimming pool. My mens underwear party was truly a hit because of this contest, but I didn’t care why it worked. The most important thing is that everyone came and had a great time.  The winner of the contest went home with a gift certificate for a new pair of underwear each week for a year. He was rather happy with his prize, and I don’t blame him. I’m pretty sure that I will be asked to host many more of these parties in the future and I’m actually pretty excited about that. 

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mens Underwear party with big cocks and little ones

My first mens underwear party made me very nervous and self-conscious too. This was going to be one of the biggest mens underwear parties of the season and it was in West Hollywood. I was nervous for a number of reasons. Reason number one is I have what many would consider a very little penis. I love wear sexy underwear and swimwear but with the extremely sexy designs I wear you can totally see the shape and size of my cock. Having a small cock has never stopped me from having a lot of sex. There might be more men into having a small cock to play with than a big one. It slips easily into most openings. When you visit a mens underwear party you see all shapes and cock sizes but the fact is that the guys with the big cocks get the attention. At this particular party it was mostly men but women were allowed and I have a bigger problem showing my small cock in front of the ladies. Showing off cock at an underwear party especially to the women who enjoy seeing the large ones even if they are attached to a gay man is what they like best is hard to do for a guy with a tiny penis. I decided to be brave and wear my sexiest spandex fetish cock display one that not only would show how small I was but would fully expose most of it. My underwear had a built in adjustable cock ring which helped keep me hard so instead of a one inch cock I was just over three and half inches. The design I was wearing had a built in butt plug that was cock shaped and about eight inches long and about three times thicker than my cock. It filled my ass up to the maximum I could take. Having that big plug shoved deep inside of my made me feel special and in a weird way more confident.  I arrived at the party with a friend and I guess my spandex fetish suit was so extreme and so shocking I got a ton of attention from the guys. What surprised me even more was how interested so many girls were in what I was wearing. It is funny how at a gay party girls are so much more relaxed and after a few drinks a number of them touched my exposed cock and two wanted to see how deep the plug went. One of them actually asked if she could pull it out to see it. I let her and in front of a number of girls and boys she pulled it out and gently slid it back in over and over again until I had a very public orgasm. This party turned out to be both interesting and exciting!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mens underwear party and blowing the boys away.

This last weekend I was up in San Francisco and I hit a friend’s mens underwear party. Needless to say the boys in San Francisco no how to do a world class mens underwear party. I wanted to wear something that would blow the boys away sure I could always blow them away by giving each one a blow job but there were just too many hot guys there to try it. My friend Jake who was giving the party told me to wear something truly extreme. I have a huge collection of men’s underwear and swimwear. Often the most extreme underwear happens to double as a swimsuit or a spandex fetish designs. I went with a Koala fetish spandex cock display with built in butt plug holder and to top things off I used my large 8” penis shaped butt plug with the design. I popped a Viagra so I could stay hard all night even after having sex not that sex was a big deal since I was walking around and constantly showing off the huge plug that was part of the underwear I was wearing. Everyone wanted to see how my insanely erotic underwear worked. Many had never seen anything like it and every last guy asked for the company name and where they were located. At least eight guys wanted to see how big the plug was and each. time I would tell them to take a look but it would cost them. Each one asked how much and I said if you pull the plug out to see its size you will have to French kiss me down there before you put it back in.  All eight guys took me up on the offer!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day mens underwear party in Los Angeles

We had a cranking Labor Day mens underwear party this last weekend. The theme was Glam Rock and the guys and girls were totally done up for the occasion. I went as my favorite rocker David Bowie. Most of the time on a holiday weekend we don’t get a big turnout for a mens underwear party but since it was held on Monday it seemed like if guys were out of town they made it back in time because it turned out to be a very well attended group of underwear lovers. This party was also different from most of the underwear parties we throw because of the ratio of men and women. Most of the time the mens underwear party will consists of 90% plus men. Women are always welcome as long as they know up-front underwear is the only acceptable form of dress and that often there is a lot of man to man sex. There is never a problem with girls getting in on the action and many of the regulars that come to our parties are very into it though a few are just world class voyeurs. Our Labor Day party was almost a 50/50 split between men and women a very unusual number for our events. I was very interested in seeing how it would turn out.  It turned out to be a blast! Everyone came all dressed up in their sexiest underwear and made up like glam rockers. My take on Bowie is that he is both masculine and feminine but back in the glam days he was much closer to a girl. I went with a pair of my favorite male to female transformation thong underwear. I looked exactly like a girl with a camel toe and I think David would have been proud. I was the only Bowie there who was a guy but two girls dressed up as Bowie too. One was wearing a G-string that just slid between her completely shaved lips hiding her clit but exposing everything else, my kind of girl! The other David was wearing sexy lace panties of which I would end up trying on later that night and this David girl was very flat up top and went topless. She was so white just like the Thin White Duke and looked so much like a young David I would have made love to her right there. I had not been to a mens underwear party in a long time where the two people I most wanted to have sex with were women. Most of these parties its guys doing guys which was still happening but with the mix of people just not quite as much.

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No models today just me wearing a male to female transformation design showing off my camel toe to friends. No shaft at all! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Going to a mens underwear party I’m worried!

I am going to a mens underwear party for the first time and I am worried that my penis is too small. I was invited by a new friend, Jim I met working out at the gym. We both have nice bodies and have watched him change in the locker room. You can see he is completely shaved just as I am he wears a thong to the beach just like I do  but unlike me he is totally at ease with his body. I would be too if my cock was 5” soft along with being nice a thick. I have never changed in front of Jim but if I join him at the mens underwear party once he sees me in my tiny undies he will see how small my penis is. Soft I am never more than an inch. When I am hard I am just a few more than that. I like Jim and I want to have sex with him. At first I had no idea he was gay, he always had girls hanging out around  when he worked out. He is just a real cute guy who in the end turned out to like men not women. Lucky me! The only problem is my penis. I considered not going to the party but I really wanted to be with him. He came by to pick me up for the party. I had on some of my sexiest spandex micro underwear. Are you ready he said and I said sure but on the ride there I was not very talkative? We got to the party but before Jim got out he said Mike is anything bothering you. I looked over at him and just said I am a little embarrassed, this is my first mens underwear party. Don’t worry we will have a great time and everyone is wearing underwear. It’s not the underwear I said. What is it then? It is my cock it is so small I blurted out. Jim looked over at me, pull your pants off he said. Not knowing what to I just slipped off my pants to show my beautiful sexy underwear. I might as well show it to him before I am embarrassed in front of everyone else. Oh those are hot he said as he rubbed his hand over my tiny bulge. He gently pulled my panties off to expose my shaved tiny but getting hard penis. It is beautiful he said as his head went down and his lips wrapped around the shaft.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mens Underwear party and finding the right man

If you are going to a mens underwear party there will be no problem what-so-ever finding a man but if you are looking for the right man you will need to be more selective. It goes without saying that if you are at a mens underwear party most if not all the guys there including yourself will be horny as can be. This is not the time to start thinking about who the right man would be because there will be a ton of hot bodies, cute faces and sexy asses to choose from and at that point it will end up just being about sex more often than not. Deciding what you are looking for in a man takes real thought. You might decide to sit down and while you are level headed write down all the traits you are looking for including the most important. If you are thinking straight it is not all about which guy has the best body, the biggest cock, the nicest ass or the cutest face. You know that there are many personality  factors that make a person truly good looking, the factors that make a man a keeper. He might not have the best body, the biggest cock or be the most handsome guy at the party but the truth is if he has the personality traits that turn you on than everything else will fall into place. That kind of cute shy guy in the corner wearing cute panties with the nice tight ass and the little penis might just be the one that rocks your world!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mens underwear party by the beach

This last weekend I had the pleasure of going to a mens underwear party in Malibu. It was in a huge home overlooking the ocean and there were quite a few men there in fact as I recall it was all men. At a party like this you know many if not all of us are going to end up wearing nothing especially when it comes time for the pool. This mens underwear party much have had over fifty guys. Men of all ages from their late teens to the mid sixties and not one guy had on anything larger than a bikini. I decided to wearing a bulge enhancing spandex swimsuit that I often wear as underwear. I figured if there were ladies there I could still jump in the pool right from the start. At a party like this all the early action ends up in the pool and this one was no different . I said there were no girls and that was true early but a few joined us later in the pool. They kept on their bottoms but had no problem with all the nude guys around them in fact they seemed to be very interested in watching men get blow jobs from other men. I think it both turned them on and they found it very instructional. I had a couple blow jobs in front of everyone. Great for me because I am an exhibitionist  at heart and I love pubic sex. Later people were walking by as a straight guy (that’s what he said) was pounding me from the rear. There is nothing like the men of Malibu. It hardly mattered their age most were just so handsome I could have had a line of men doing me and I would have been in heaven.