Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Going to a mens underwear party and what not to do your first time.

Don’t panic! You can wear almost any type of panties, underwear or swimwear to a mens underwear party. It makes no difference whether the party is coed or all male you will want to wear something as sexy as you dare. If this is your first mens underwear party don’t be shocked to see men wearing she underwear, cock shaped pouches, spandex panties that fully expose the penis, some designs that give the wearer a fully exposed erection. These events are sexual by nature and most parties I have been to have guys giving each other blow jobs all over the place. I have been to coed mens underwear parties where I have seen male/female couples fucking in front of a bunch of on lookers and I have seen male/male couples doing the same. You notice I do not say gay couples because these parties get wild and you see straight guys having sex with gay men, bisexual men, women and even other straight guys.

Of course the underlying fashion buzz at a party is wearing the hottest panties. Everyone here wants attention and there is no better way to get it than wearing something erotic, exotic and sexually arousing. At an underwear party that combination will get you sex faster than anything. Keep in mind if you are bring a woman with you she will need to be wearing nothing but underwear too. I have seen women at these parties wearing crotch less panties,  tiny string suits that only cover the slit between the lips and I have seen both men and women wearing underwear and spandex suits that feature a butt plug or anal hook for the rear. These are extremely wild parties and like I said just don’t panic have a great time instead!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mens underwear party and dancing

Last Saturday I took a new friend that I met at the beach to a mens underwear party. This was his first. He was surprised to see both men and women dancing in the underwear. It was not the underwear part that surprised him as you would expect that at a mens underwear party but it was the women dancing in their underwear. I thought this was a men’s party he asked? Jay it is a men’s party and most of the guys here are gay but we have all sorts of people at our parties it is more about being into underwear and you will meet interesting straight guys with a underwear fetish along with women. Is there sex at these parties? Jay asked. Usually I said. Guys dancing in underwear almost always leads to sex but I also said d try not to be shocked by anything you see. We are a very open minded group and you will see mens and men together, men, men and women together, straight couples having sex while gay guys watch, women with strap-on dildos doing guys and some other unusual but fun match ups. Don’t worry, just enjoy it I said. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do but you might find some new interesting things about yourself. Jay almost seemed in shock but lightened up after a few drinks. In no time he was in the crowd dancing in a sheer micro G-string his beautiful shaved cock exposed for all to see. I had a feeling I would be playing with it before the night was out.

Continued next post

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mens underwear party it’s your turn to host one!

It’s your turn! The last mens underwear party you were at was great but guess what? It is time for you to step up and have a mens underwear party at your house, yes your house! Hey relax it is just like giving any other type of party making sure there are great guests, great drinks and great food. Along with those items on your list add lube for sex, maybe some underwear games and to make your party really special maybe a contest with prizes! They don’t have to be expensive just fun. Of course some underwear prizes, candy and maybe some adult toys. These are all things I have seen at some of the parties I have been too and I have used them at the parties I put on. Make sure to start by making a list of things to do, a check list that will keep everything running smooth and make your party planning easier. You might even have a co-host to make things simpler and a little less expensive. You want your party to be hot and lucky for you that is easy to do when all the guys are wearing undies. If you decide to add girls to the mix make sure they know that dressing in undies is not an option but is mandatory attire once in the party. Nothing crashes a mens underwear party faster than people who will not play nice. Make sure your friends that are new to this understand everything that will be going on at your party. You don’t want to shock your straight friends too much, letting them know upfront about all the underwear events, guys playing with each other and yes sex is a plus. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting Used to a Mens Underwear Party

I went to a mens underwear party over the weekend and couldn’t believe how much fun I could have at a party of that nature. In fact, I never even knew there were parties like this until I got invited to this one. I have heard my friends talking about parties and stuff for a couple of years now, but they never seemed to want to invite me to any of them. I felt a little bit left out, but I figured that they probably had their reasons. Now I know what those reasons were and I can completely understand why they didn’t invite me in the past.
I have to admit that going to this mens underwear party for the very first time made me a bit anxious. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to witness when I got there or what I was going to wear to the party in the first place. I just knew that I was going to make an idiot of myself as soon as I walked in, but there was a level of excitement that I have never experienced at any social gathering and I was eager to see what these parties were all about.

I must say that this particular mens underwear party was quite raucous to say the least. Thankfully, I didn’t make an idiot out of myself and most of the people there actually enjoyed the underwear that I had chosen to wear. Now I don’t know if all the underwear parties will be like this one or not but, if they are; I am damn sure going to do everything in my power to be able to attend. Even if the next party isn’t as much fun, it will still be better than any other party I have ever gone to in the past. It is the kind of fun that I want to experience again and again.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mens undewrwear party and using Viagra

I went to a mens underwear party this last weekend, it was mostly men but there were a handful of women which some guys are not into but as long as they are in undies too I am good with everyone. I knew there was going to be some girls there. Most of the time I wear feminine style vagina look panties to our mens underwear party but this time I thought I would try to be more of a man and I choose a cock display suit with sheer fabric and a built in cock ring. The only problem was trying to stay hard so I could show off. These suits make you hard and even though my cock is small with the help of the cock ring it looks hot in these suits. I decided to pop a Viagra and was blown away by how hard my cock stayed. Once I had the sheer panties on the only thing I needed to get a rock hard-on was anyone touching it which happened all night long. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mens underwear party and I sucked my first cock

My first mens underwear party was beyond wild. I am a straight guy who loves wearing sexy underwear, panties and swimwear. The smaller the better. I love being around other people in my underwear men and women. When a buddy of mine who is also into undies told me about a friend of his having a mens underwear party I was totally game to go. My friend is also straight and what her forgot to tell me this was a gay mens underwear party. I still would have gone but I would not have been so horny expecting to see ladies in undies too.  We got to the party and you had to strip down to your underwear in the hallway. No one was allowed in dressed in anything more. There must have been thirty to forty people there and they were indeed all guys. The problem was I was super horny already and truth be told a few times I have had guys at these parties suck my cock. I consider the blow jobs I have from guys among the best I have ever had. This party was no different and it did not take long before guys were busy touching each other. I felt a hand on my cock. It was a young guy about nineteen. A very handsome almost feminine guy. Within a few minutes we were in the bedroom and he was blowing me. He had my undies off faster than I had ever gotten a girls panties off. He was good. He was suck my cock and slipped down and started eating me as out. I was not sure if I liked that but I let him do it. Having him push his tongue deep inside me got me harder than ever and with my cock in his mouth I blew a huge load. He slurped it all down. I was just relaxing and trying to recoup my strength when a completely shaved smallish cock was very close to my lips. I don’t do that I said. You do tonight he said and pushed his cock into my mouth. It was already there so I figured why not. I have tried almost everything else. I figured I would do the same thing I did to get girls off. Lick it and suck on it until he gets off.  The one thing I was not willing to do was swollen and told him to let me know before he was ready to cum. He was moaning like crazy and that made me suck harder. He seemed to be enjoying himself and all of a sudden he said he was ready. He pulled out and blew a load all over my tummy. I could not believe how warm it was. He told me I was amazing wiped the cum off of me and then went down on me again. It took a long time but he sucked me off until I loaded again. One of the best parties ever!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Showing some cock at the men’s underwear party

If you decide to go to a mens underwear party don’t be surprised if you see some cock. Most of these parties are all guys, all horny guys and when you get a bunch of guys together wearing sexy bikinis, thongs and G-strings cocks are going to be exposed. I know I am always going to have sex when I hit a mens underwear party. We have a large men’s underwear group and we try to have parties at least once a month. We rotate which house it is going to be at each time. Most of us are gay or bisexual but we do have a straight friend’s too. Most of the parties are men only but once in a while we do allow the girls to come. All of us are into underwear as a fetish. We all have underwear collections. Our group is all about men’s underwear and fetish wear but there are other men who are into wearing female underwear and sometimes we will have mixed parties for both fetishes. If you are invited to a mensunderwear party you need to have some idea of what takes place and that is just about any type of sex you could think of. In no particular order these are things I see at every party. Lots of oral sex, lots of anal sex, multiple guys and often orgies. All our sex is safe sex and condoms are a must at our parties. Less often but still not unusual to see are water works, fisting, sex with females including multiple penetrations, women wearing strap on dildos being treated like men and in this case they give and receive anal and oral sex and partake in all of the above. On occasion we will do sex toy demonstrations on volunteers including anal stretching, enemas, male chastity, whips, spanking and more. I missed one of the most popular things you will find at underwear parties and that is wrestling matches. Nothing like some hot wrestling in underwear to get things hot and steamy.