Monday, April 7, 2014

Mens underwear party and I sucked my first cock

My first mens underwear party was beyond wild. I am a straight guy who loves wearing sexy underwear, panties and swimwear. The smaller the better. I love being around other people in my underwear men and women. When a buddy of mine who is also into undies told me about a friend of his having a mens underwear party I was totally game to go. My friend is also straight and what her forgot to tell me this was a gay mens underwear party. I still would have gone but I would not have been so horny expecting to see ladies in undies too.  We got to the party and you had to strip down to your underwear in the hallway. No one was allowed in dressed in anything more. There must have been thirty to forty people there and they were indeed all guys. The problem was I was super horny already and truth be told a few times I have had guys at these parties suck my cock. I consider the blow jobs I have from guys among the best I have ever had. This party was no different and it did not take long before guys were busy touching each other. I felt a hand on my cock. It was a young guy about nineteen. A very handsome almost feminine guy. Within a few minutes we were in the bedroom and he was blowing me. He had my undies off faster than I had ever gotten a girls panties off. He was good. He was suck my cock and slipped down and started eating me as out. I was not sure if I liked that but I let him do it. Having him push his tongue deep inside me got me harder than ever and with my cock in his mouth I blew a huge load. He slurped it all down. I was just relaxing and trying to recoup my strength when a completely shaved smallish cock was very close to my lips. I don’t do that I said. You do tonight he said and pushed his cock into my mouth. It was already there so I figured why not. I have tried almost everything else. I figured I would do the same thing I did to get girls off. Lick it and suck on it until he gets off.  The one thing I was not willing to do was swollen and told him to let me know before he was ready to cum. He was moaning like crazy and that made me suck harder. He seemed to be enjoying himself and all of a sudden he said he was ready. He pulled out and blew a load all over my tummy. I could not believe how warm it was. He told me I was amazing wiped the cum off of me and then went down on me again. It took a long time but he sucked me off until I loaded again. One of the best parties ever!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Showing some cock at the men’s underwear party

If you decide to go to a mens underwear party don’t be surprised if you see some cock. Most of these parties are all guys, all horny guys and when you get a bunch of guys together wearing sexy bikinis, thongs and G-strings cocks are going to be exposed. I know I am always going to have sex when I hit a mens underwear party. We have a large men’s underwear group and we try to have parties at least once a month. We rotate which house it is going to be at each time. Most of us are gay or bisexual but we do have a straight friend’s too. Most of the parties are men only but once in a while we do allow the girls to come. All of us are into underwear as a fetish. We all have underwear collections. Our group is all about men’s underwear and fetish wear but there are other men who are into wearing female underwear and sometimes we will have mixed parties for both fetishes. If you are invited to a mensunderwear party you need to have some idea of what takes place and that is just about any type of sex you could think of. In no particular order these are things I see at every party. Lots of oral sex, lots of anal sex, multiple guys and often orgies. All our sex is safe sex and condoms are a must at our parties. Less often but still not unusual to see are water works, fisting, sex with females including multiple penetrations, women wearing strap on dildos being treated like men and in this case they give and receive anal and oral sex and partake in all of the above. On occasion we will do sex toy demonstrations on volunteers including anal stretching, enemas, male chastity, whips, spanking and more. I missed one of the most popular things you will find at underwear parties and that is wrestling matches. Nothing like some hot wrestling in underwear to get things hot and steamy. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My First Mens Underwear Party

When I was invited to my first mens underwear party, it was one of the most confusing conversations that I have ever had with anyone. The guy that invited me was actually my neighbor. I guess he had heard about me trying to peer over his privacy fence into his backyard on the weekends where I had heard music and laughter. I suppose I should have considered myself lucky that he didn’t call the cops on me for being a Peeping Tom, but I didn’t really do it that often.

Anyway, he rang my doorbell one evening and told me that I seemed like a pretty open minded guy. I wasn’t sure what to say to that so I just sort of nodded as if in agreement. He went on to say that he was hosting a mens underwear party and would like to extend an invitation to me. I told him that I had never been to one of those types of parties and needed to know what they were. That’s when he explained it all to me. This party was just like any other party where there was music, food, drinking, and swimming since he had a pool in his backyard. Also, it was a mens only event and no women were ever allowed to attend.

I realized what an honor it was to be invited to this rather exclusive event and accepted. Before he left, he told me that I needed to have something unique to wear because there was always a contest to see who had on the most interesting item. That was always a rather important part of the mens underwear party because the prize for the winner was typically something pretty nice. He also told me that he would email me some links to websites where I could order some sexy underwear that would arrive quickly.

By the time the night of the party came around, I was ready in my brand new hot thong underwear. The party was quite memorable and I even won the contest for most unique underwear. Needless to say, I am now hooked on these events and have started taking a turn at hosting, too. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hooked on a Mens Underwear Party

I went to a mens underwear party the other week and was happily surprised to see that I was the only one wearing my particular design in underwear. I had figured that there would be quite a few guys wearing the same design since it was the latest version to hit the market. But I guess all those people at that party hadn’t seen the website where I had purchased mine. Of course, that is a good thing as far as I am concerned since I ended up being the center of attention throughout the entire party.
Another thing I found particularly interesting about this mens underwear party was the fact that there was no pool there. The parties I have been to in the past have all had some kind of pool that was utilized for a good majority of the fun that we were having. Not having a pool to focus on made it a bit more difficult for me to have as much fun as I wanted to have, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would have been. It is just that I do enjoy seeing everyone walking around in wet underwear, if you know what I mean.

I will admit that I love going to any mens underwear party that has a lot of people in attendance. I have been to one party that had only about five or six and that was probably the worst party of my life. This last one however, had about thirty people there and everyone was wearing the sexiest underwear you could imagine. It truly shows you just how exciting your life can be when you try something a bit different and these parties are definitely something different from what you might be used to going to on the weekends. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My First Mens Underwear Party Invitation

I was asked to go to a mens underwear party not too long ago. but I wasn’t sure if that would be something I would be interested in or not. The thought of being at a party with nothing but a bunch of guys wearing their underwear seemed a bit strange to me. I'm not saying that guys who would go to a party like this are strange, but I never really thought that I would end up being invited to a gathering of this nature. I decided to pass on that invitation at first but something kept making me think about it.
A few days before the mens underwear party was to happen, I called my friend back and asked him if he had ever been to one of these parties. I wanted to get a little bit more information about what was going to happen so that I could decide whether or not this was actually something I wanted to do. He told me that there were a few parties he had gone to in his life and these underwear parties were some of the best he had ever experienced.

He told me what I could expect by going to this mens underwear party and what I should bring with me. I was glad that he told me what to wear because I probably would have shown up in my boxers and thought nothing of it. After learning about all the fun I could have at this party, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I am thankful that I did, too, because it was definitely the best party I had been to in a very long time. It wasn’t something I was expecting to enjoy at first, but it’s really hard not to enjoy hanging out with a bunch of guys in their sexy underwear.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mens underwear party and being the only girl

This was one of the more unusual mens underwear parties. Most of our parties are all guys but we do have a coed underwear party every now and then. My friend  James was throwing a mens underwear party the other day and told me he wondered if he should invite any girls? I asked James why and he said that there were going to be a number of straight guys there. I said that usually does not make a difference. Some of the games we play end up with straight guys playing with gay and straight men, that is on a sexual level. James there is so much less sex at most of the parties with girls even though on occasion those parties get very wild too. He was still not sure so I made the recommendation that the two off us should wear male to female transformation underwear, that way there would almost be two girls there. No way James said I have a great pair of huge bulge bikinis I want to show off but how about you wearing the fem style undies and you can be our token girl. He then said make sure every hair on your body is shaved I want them to see a hairless pussy! We both laughed but I told him there would be no hair on me other than on my head. I came wearing a Koala fem style suit called the Gender Bias and I was the hit of the party. This design can be used as a swimsuit or as underwear. What makes it so special is it reforms your penis into a vagina lips and all. It completely hides the shaft, it is completely gone and reshapes the balls into pussy lips. The gay men at the party thought it was very cute on me but after some underwear wrestling, oil wrestling and swimming everyone was horny. I was the only girl there and s it turns out I had my choice of a handful of straight guys. I made each one of them very happy. Some got to eat me out, all of them got blow jobs and for the highly aroused ones, two at the same time they took turns fucking my ass. I just slid the suit to the side so they felt like they were doing a real girl. No cock to get in the way. Love those horny young guys!

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My cock is much smaller, so it is a very tiny vagina!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

No More Hosting a Mens Underwear Party for Me

Whenever I get invited to a mens underwear party, I like to ask the other people that are invited what designs they are thinking about wearing. I don’t want to be the only one there wearing something that isn’t as sexy as everyone else's. I want to be the one that is the center of attention and that requires buying the latest designs in underwear. I also don’t want to make the mistake of wearing the same thing that someone else would end up wearing to the same party. That just isn’t fun at all when people show up wearing the same thing.
I have been to a lot of mens underwear party get-togethers and they can be a lot of fun if you are with the right people. I have also been to a few of them that weren’t all that much fun because the people throwing the party had ulterior motives for getting a bunch of guys together in their underwear. It was more of an orgy type party than it was just about underwear. Some guys might enjoy that aspect of a party, but I wasn’t all that thrilled and left as soon as I could get away.

I have tried throwing a mens underwear party myself, but it didn’t go all that well. The people that I invited to my party were a bit rowdier than I had anticipated and the cops ended up being called. Try explaining to the police that you are having a party where everyone is walking around in their underwear with a straight face. They thought we were all on drugs or something and shut the party down. So now I just wait until I get invited to a party and I don’t worry about throwing one at my house anymore. It works out better that way anyway.